Balluff Capacitive Global Sensor is original from Germany. This sensor is mainly use for object and level detection even from a great distance, bulk materials, liquids and powders directly or through a non-metallic container wall.

oritronic balluff capacitive global sensorBenefits of sensor include no-contact, wear-free, bounce-free output signal and detects objects regardless of material, color or texture and hidden or inaccessible.


  1. Stainless steel or plastic housing (PBT)
  2. Power on indicator
  3. Output function indicator
  4. High immunity to electromagnetic interference
oritronic balluff capacitive global sensor object detectionObject Detection
  1. Flush installation
  2. Large switching distance
  3. Detecting plastic parts
oritronic balluff capacitive global sensor level detectionLevel Detection
  1. Non-flush mounting: improved suppression of deposits
  2. Adjustable sensitivity